Hi everybody! I’m Salvatore Marino, this is my personal web site, a small space on the world wide web which aims to provide a useful tool in which to find some information about me, about my passions, my educational background and my past, present and future projects.

Through this site I can easily answer “any” question you will ask me.

The various contents can be viewed browsing by menu displayed at the top of all pages.
To ask me something, leave comments, report me a site or any links, you can use the “Contacts” section in which there is also a form to send email directly from this site.

For information about me you can visit the “About me“.

During the creation of this site I realized that for reasons of time I would come hard to put into practice all the technical and graphs that I had in mind, so for now I’m focused on a simple and basic, but rest assured that, when it possible, I’ll try to dedicate to the site in detail.

That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you: Good surfing!

Salvatore Marino a.k.a. tuxy
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2014-08-17 17:34:34

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2014-07-14 13:31:49

Stage+Apprendistato presso NTT Data

2014-07-01 20:29:09

Attacchi brute-force (dizionari) con Hydra

2014-05-11 00:22:50
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